Green Hill Zone

Hi! I'm Claus! I make games in RPG Maker as a hobby! Right now my big project in development is Almari which you can play in the links below!

This is a personal little zone where I'll talk about anything that I'm interested in and then throw it onto the internet. (because where else am I going to put it?) I didn't actually link this on any of my social media because I feel that would defeat the purpose of rejecting modern social media and returning to the bloge. I only sent this to friends or perhaps it came up in google, if so, neat! This will be mostly stream of consciousness because I'm going to do what I want! Ah, refreshing. Let's go back to the primitive internet days! I'm sick of capitalism!!! Huh? Capitalism was there too? Oh. Well. Hmm.

Oh well. This is rather cozy anyway.

Play Almari on Itch!
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