Written: 2/15/2021

Electronically published: Oh this does that for me? Well it was 2/15/2021 anyway. Just wait until I figure out that pesky code!

Proofread: 2/15/2021 (was it proofread well? Nah I lowered my standards for once lol)

I put the written date at the beginning because I wanted to see how long between writing this and actually setting up my zonelet would be. It's fun to see how long you procrastinate, isn't it? Truthfully I've been eyeing making one of these for a while to escape social media! But alas the trap of social media is that it's so distracting! So busy! So noisy! Everything must be happening right now! Are you logged in? I am! But how do I log out? The button is not hidden, but it's so hard to click. I wonder what psychology powers this?

Do you remember in Digimon The Movie how the internet looked so cool and strange? Or even in Summer Wars, there's a certain characterization of the internet as this other space parallel to our own. Nowadays the two feel inseparable. It's very exhausting and depressing. Not always at the same time though. I've always been a fan of early 2000s/late 90s era interpretations of the internet. Persona 2 Eternal Punishment has a great aesthetic for it, especially with the hacker Baofu being a perfect Y2K hacker archetype. Another game with a great aesthetic for this is Shin Megami Tensei Soul Hackers (though it isn't very fun to play, I daresay P2EP is much more fun to play! but maybe I just haven't made my demons OP yet! But really I just HATE magnetite! What an annoying system! It just isn't for me!!)

Oh yeah, Y2K internet. That was really cool. I still really love digimon. I don't think I'll ever stop loving digimon, though I've only watched through season 4. The kids turning into digimon was a little weird. And I just couldn't get into Data Squad! I mean, Masuro (was that his name?) Oh wait he was Marcus in english. Anyway, he didn't wear goggles! Pokemon protagonists wear a cool hat, Yugioh protagonists have multicolored hair and a necklace, and digimon protagonists have goggles! It's basic design consistency! But no, Marcus had to be special!

Sidenote: the very center of my headphones cord keeps catching on the very edge of my desk and tries to tug my headphones down. It's extremely annoying, but I just don't care for wireless things. Hmm, maybe moving my laptop closer will make it happen less, and take some stress off my back. I'm only 24 but I'm having back pains! It must be this pandemic and my lack of motion! I am simply an internet potato consuming social media! This is no good!! DAMN IT I GOT CAUGHT AGAIN! Wires please, be my friend! Remember Megaman NT Warrior? Do you think Lan's wire ever got caught on stupid things while he was plugged into the internet to send Megaman off to save the day? I bet that would have been super annoying so they didn't animate it. Realism isn't always so necessary they likely knew. Also who wants to watch a wire get caught every episode?! Perhaps Lan adapted. Haha. Lan adapter.

It's nice to write so unfiltered. Oh dear I almost wrote about politics. This isn't social media! My views are already clear! Who cares! I am very small!

I should probably proofread this though. Later. I'll add a date for that. It can be after the electronic publication. I'm sure that'll trip someone up haha. Yes I see you. Hello!

Sidenote from the future: I should have timestamped as well as dated so these little jokes would be funnier.

Wasn't I talking about digimon? Oh yeah, Marcus has a dumb design. Though it kinda worked when Date in AI: The Somnium Files had like, the same design. I think he just had the better color-palette. Oh also they put dumb red bands on Agumon's hands. I think that's what I hated about Data Squad, they redesigned Agumon to be thinner and taller and gruffer. You fools! Agumon is small and fat and very friendly!!! OH MY GOD THEY DE-FAT PIKACHU'D HIM! Absolutely foolish executive designers just didn't know what they had! GeoGreymon is very dumb! Why does RiseGreymon have a gun!? You've disgraced the Greymon line! I didn't stand for this when I was 10 and I won't stand for this when I'm 24! I will continue to boycott Data Squad! And my life will continue to be, moderately okay and sometimes pleasant! I really don't think I missed out on skipping Data Squad. The seasons after that are a little weird, though Ben Diskin does voice Shoutmon. Perhaps I could watch Xros Wars for that. It's probably pretty good, just from digimon's track record of dealing with Real Shit Actually. (should we call that RSA? It would be funny to have to write a glossary later of all the weird terms I invent in this little zonelet. Hehe. Omelette. Hehe. Dr. Eggman.00000000)

My right arrow and zero key are extremely close together (and identically shaped) so I can't tell them apart by touch typing. It is the one thing I really don't like about this laptop. Zero keys are supposed to be rectangular! Or at least, the arrow keys sould be less squished together with the numpad! But I got it for free from a friend because I am poor and my old one couldn't even run Age of Empires 2 without crashing! Now I've got a super computer! This just shows that we should help people when we can! If not for my friend, I could not grace your eyes with this Green Hill Zone! Act 1 of course!

Better save.

Oh damn it again.


Anyway, Ben Diskin in digimon? Pretty wild! He's very cool, though I hope twitter doesn't destroy his mental health! Maybe Ben Diskin should make a zonelet too! I'm sure he'd write about interesting things, like his favorite food! Or whatever he wants! That's the magic of Leaf Forest Zone! (Mmm leaves! Oh wait actually those taste bad.)

Oh no I wrote about twitter again. This has to stop!

Digimon Tamers is still my favorite. I really ought to rewatch it! Oh I hope the 00000s don't get eaten when I have to convert this to HTML. That was a very natural anecjoke. Haha I have only had coffee this morning, I better heat up some rice that I cooked last night. I've been cooking so much rice! Fry an egg and add some soy sauce and you basically get 5 hours of energy! It's very effective! Albeit a little bit sad tasting. If only I could cook more! But for those of us in the pandemic that live with their family in tight spaces, cooking can be extremely frustrating and I regular want anyone in the kitchen at the same time as me to very much NOT BE THERE PLEASE! SOMEONE WILL GET STABBED!

So simple cooking is for the best. There just isn't enough mental stability to learn better things, and my parents are very irritating teachers. So, I will learn more when I finally have my own space! But for now, I will simply have my own zone! My own... hmm what's another sonic zone I like? I'll just pick one with a song I like again. One moment. Actually It's my own Leaf Forest Zone again, but this time it's Act 2!

But really I should go eat, my tummy is so grumbly. Will I write more afterward? I guess you'll find out in the next line.